Bass Clef Notes Music Worksheet

Another simple introductory worksheet, this time to the notes on the bass clef, with C as the key signature and no accidentals to keep things easy.

(Click the image to download the PDF)

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  1. Cade says:

    Amanda, Marshall and Mr. Avery,Thank you so much for posting The Elapsed Time Video!It has hpleed me so much!!I had problems learning math in 3rd and 4th grade-it has held me back from doing a lot of things throughout my life. I am now 55 and just beginning to understand elapsed time Thanks to yourFANTASTIC explanation! I have one request that would help me and possibly others too. Would you please post a sample page of some problems with the answers worked out in a PDF format? I would appreciate that greatly. Amanda and Marshall you are both so gifted in teaching that I am sure you will excel in whatever path you choose to pursue in life. Enjoy your studies it really is the key to open the door to anywhere!Thank you again,Susan

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  7. Thank you! These are wonderful, and I love that many can be used beyond Christmas too. Found you through Cottage & Vine and will be staying! Thanks again!!!

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