Another Bass Clef Notes Worksheet

Everyone struggles a little with the bass clef at first, so here’s another simple bass clef worksheet.

Remember that suggestions for music worksheets are welcome, if there’s anything you’d like to see please leave it in the comments!

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Treble Clef Triads Music Worksheet

This worksheet covers the four types of triad chords – major, minor, augmented and diminished. Perhaps this is a good exercises to do in front of the piano so the students can hear the sound of the chords and see the chord structure on the keyboard as well as on the staff.


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Bar Lines Music Worksheet

This music worksheet has some short pieces of music in different time signatures, but with the bar lines missing.  Students should simply draw the bar lines in the correct place for the given time signature.  This worksheet starts off easy enough, but ends with 5/4 time which might add a bit of challenge for students who haven’t encountered it before.

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Bass Clef Root Position Chords

In this worksheet there are ten bass clef chords, which can be major or minor.  Students need to identify the root note and then the type of chord.  So you can use this as a more advanced follow on to the easier bass clef exercises once some basic chord theory has been introduced.

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C Major Inversions Worksheet

For students that have just been introduced to inversions, this worksheet could be a useful recap.  It features C Major inversions in different octaves on both clefs, and makes helps revise spotting the chord structure of root, first inversion and second inversion chords.

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Treble Clef Root Position Chords

This worksheet is easy enough in front of a keyboard, but on paper is a little tricky – the root note of the chord is easy enough to identify but students need to know their scales to place the middle note and decide if it’s a major or minor chord.

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Rest Lengths with American Naming

This music worksheet is the same as the first rest lengths worksheet, but using American rather than British naming, e.g. Quarter Note rather than Crotchet.

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Rest Lengths Worksheet

This worksheet covers rest lengths, which can be a bit tricky to sight read as the symbols can be quite similar.  This might be a good exercise to combine with the note lengths worksheet.

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Bass Clef Major Key Signatures Worksheet

This music worksheet covers major key signatures on the bass clef.  This might be especially useful for beginner students playing bass clef instruments, for example the Trombone, who are starting with the bass rather than treble clef.

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Minor Key Signatures on Treble Clef

This worksheet cover minor key signatures, it might be a good one to combine with our other key signature worksheets.

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